About Us

OmniHealth NY is a subsidiary company to OmniGroup NY, based in the New York. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, our team quickly shifted gears in this time of great crisis in order to support those on the front-lines during this time of need. Our capable team members have been working around the clock to source the finest of products and reach out to existing clients in the hospital, municipal, retirement home and nursing home spaces. We are pleased to announce the new division known as OmniHealth NY with our goal and vision being "We care about your health".

From the feedback we have received so far our efforts have not been wasted, sourcing the finest products and distributing them to our clients, has been a tremendous task but our highly committed team continues to source and research for more and product and improve on pricing these items so our clients can be rest-assured about the product quality and the affordable prices.


All our Facilities, based in New York are FDA Approved Centers. Our production lines follow the highest standards used in the industry today.


Our Team at OmniHealth NY are highly skilled and are fully supportive and capable of assisiting you with any of our services.


Providing you with a smooth and easy experience is one of our key goals. We take pride in going to extra mile to help you have a better experience every time you use our services.